COVID-19: Resources for Navigating Life in Our New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented disruption in the world, and we all have lots of questions as we try to figure out what’s happening, how it affects our lives, and how we can both maintain our own mental health and serve the broader community and world in this new environment. This page is intended to be a comprehensive resource for students and any young adult seeking resources to meet mental health needs while navigating the COVID-19 outbreak.

We know this time is hard, and we hope that these resources meet your mental health and support needs. If you have a resource to share or a question to ask that could be addressed here, please contact us.

As always, know that we are here, and you are not alone. We are in this together.


Today, Lost&Found partners with five universities in South Dakota to provide mental health education, resources, and program evaluation services. To support the students we serve at each campus, we’ve collected links to each institution’s COVID-19 response page to provide the latest information on administrations’ collective responses to the outbreak. In addition, we’ve provided links to each institution’s primary student counseling service for teletherapy options.

COVID-19: official statistics, guidance, & news

To stay ahead of the virus and understand how it is impacting your community, Lost&Found will direct you to the following set of links and guidance to follow to be safe and reduce community spread. Please adhere to the restrictions and/or recommendations shared by your state and local governments, as well as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


United States:

The Associated Press is considered the most unbiased news source in the country and provides consistent updates on COVID-19.

South Dakota:

In eastern South Dakota, the Argus Leader, Mitchell Daily Republic Yankton Press & Dakotan, Brookings Register, Vermillion Plain Talk,Huron Daily Plainsman, Watertown Public Opinion, Madison Daily Leader, and Aberdeen American News all provide content related to COVID-19 for free.

In western South Dakota, the Rapid City Journal and Pierre Capital Journal provide content related to COVID-19 for free.

Please contact your local newspaper to learn more about how they are delivering content and consider a subscription to support disruption to their business.

Teletherapy & virtual mental health resources

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to care for your mental health. During this period of social distancing, HIPAA requirements have been relaxed to allow for greater access to virtual care options. Unfortunately, many therapists and behavioral health providers cannot provide services outside of their state of incorporation.

To help you navigate this new time of support resources, Lost&Found has curated teletherapy provider guides, ways to access online small groups for mental health and addiction disorders, and online resources for ongoing mental health support.

Employment, student loan, & other government resources

One of the greatest tolls on our mental health in this unprecedented time isn’t just the virus, but also the economic impact it takes on our daily lives. Lost&Found has curated a set of resources to help you navigate employment challenges, student loan changes, and financial relief provided by local, state, and federal government.

Resilience and community-building tips from Lost&Found

#Resilience101 For Your Personal Growth

These resources are the equivalent of the direction we all get on airplanes: In case of emergency, put your own oxygen mask on first. We all need to make sure we are tending to our mental health in this time of stress. 


#CreateCommunity with Lost&Found

Taking part in a community is certainly harder as we are social distancing, but we really shouldn’t consider it optional. Humans are social beings, and we need connection with one another. Here are some ways to join with Lost&Found community events, as well as ideas to create community in other ways.


#Sources4Support from Lost&Found Partners

Lost&Found works with a wide variety of mental health organizations in South Dakota and around the country to deliver resilience education programs for young adults. Here are some of the best, #L&Fexclusive resources we’ve pulled together to help you navigate this unique time in world history.