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The Ampersand

At the heart of the Lost&Found name is a shorthand replacement of the word “and”: & – an ampersand.

For our team, the ampersand represents the short distance between feeling lost and reaching the hope found in community.

Get to know the heart that drives our work, team, and community.

Our Recent news

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Conversation about Mental Health Training: TRANSCRIPT

This is a transcript of a conversation with three mental health leaders from around the state of South Dakota discussing training opportunities for those who wish to make a difference in the lives of others by learning how to respond to others’ mental health needs. In the conversation are Sheri Nelson, Helpline Center; Michelle Majors of the Southeastern Prevention Resource Center of Volunteers of America-Dakotas; and Tifanie Petro of the Children’s Home Child Advocacy Center. It was moderated by Erik Muckey.

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